Name of the Laboratory Name of the FIC
Computational Lab (UG) Dr. P. Das and Dr. S. Dutta
 Computational Lab (PG)  Dr. Prashanth J
 Computational Lab (R/S)  Dr. Atanu Sahu
 Structural Engineering Lab  Dr. A. I. Laskar and Dr. P. Das
 Concrete Lab Dr. MLV Prasad
 Geology Lab  Dr. Olympa Baro
 Survey Lab  Prof. M. A. Ahmed
 Geotechnical Engg. Lab  Dr. A. Kr. Das
 Environmental Engg. Lab  Prof. U Kumar and Dr. Kulkarni V
 Fluid & Hydraulics Lab Dr. B. S. Sil
 Water Resources Engg. Lab  Dr. D. K. Ghosh
 Highway Lab  Dr. A. Kuity
 Soil Dynamics Lab  Prof. A. K. Dey
Viscometer Room Prof. A.I. Laskar
NABL Lab Prof. A. K. Dey
Engineering Graphics Dr. S. Jena
Geomechanics Lab Dr. D. Bhowmik
Model Testing Lab Dr. N. Debnath
Laboratory of Sustainable Pavement Dr. A. Kuity

















Structural Engineering Laboratory

IMG_20220420_145000 (1)

List of Equipment

  1.  Cross Plain Permeability Apparatus
  2. Cone Penetration Test
  3. Mini Compactor

cross                      cone                                           mini compactor

Cross plain permeability apparatus                                        Cone penetration Test                                                           Mini Compactor

Geotechnical Laboratory

20220420_142425 (1)

List of Equipment

  1. Consolidation Test
  2. Liquid Limit Test
  3. Desiccator
  4. Permeability Test
  5. Triaxial Apparatus
  6. Sand Replacement
  7. Proctor test
  8. Computer Controlled Direct Shear Test
  9. Unconfined Compressor Testing Machine
  10. Sieves
  11. Sieve shaker
  12. Sample Extractor
  13. Weighing Balance
  14. Hot air oven
  15. Core Cutter

consolidation                                             permeability                                                   UCS

Consolidation Test                                                                        Permeability test                                      Unconfined compressive strength test

Fluid & Hydraulics Laboratory

20220420_142052 (1)

List of Equipment

  1.  5cm Downlooking Micro Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter(ADV)
  2. 10cm Downlooking Micro Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter(ADV)
  3. Acoustic Doppler Profiler(ADP)
  4. Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus
  5. Fixed Bed Flume
  6. Hele-Shaw Apparatus
  7. Jet Apparatus
  8. Metacentric Height Apparatus
  9. Orifice and Mouthpiece Apparatus
  10. Tilted Bed Flume
  11. Venturimeter and Orificemeter Apparatus

5 cm Impact jet apparatus Acoustic

5cm Downlooking Micro ADV                                     Impact of Jet apparatus                                 Acoustic Doppler Profiler


Highway Laboratory

20220420_150428 (1)

List of Equipment

  1. Los Angles abrasion Test
  2. Aggregate crushing Test
  3.  Aggregate impact test
  4. Flakiness index gauge
  5. Elongation Index Gauge
  6. Water bath
  7. Pycnometer
  8. Penetrometer
  9. Softening point test
  10. Ductility
  11. Flash and Fire point
  12. Bitumen extractor
  13. Saybolt Viscometer
  14. Standard Tar viscometer
  15. Hardness test apparatus
  16. Benkelman beam apparatus
  17. Skid resistance test
  18. Stone Polish machine
  19. Field CBR Apparatus
  20. Core Cutter machine
  21. Triaxial test apparatus
  22. Marshal Test Apparatus
  23.  Sample extractor
  24. Light weight Deflectometer
  25. Ground penetrating radar
  26. Fatigue test apparatus
  27. Thin film oven

Marshall                      Ductility                       Field CBR

Marshall Testing Apparatus                                                          Ductility test                                                                Field CBR test

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

IMG_20220419_145529 (1) (1)

List of Equipment

  1. Horizontal shaker
  2. BOD Incubator
  3. Jar Test Apparatus
  4. Distillation Unit
  5. Peristatic Pump
  6. Nephelo-Turbidity meter
  7. Magnetic Stirrer
  8. pH meter
  9. Digital oven
  10. Muffle furnace
  11. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Horizontal shaker                    Jar test                     BOD incubator

Horizontal Shaker                                                                                  Jar test apparatus                                                          BOD incubator

Concrete Laboratory


List of Equipment

  1. Standard sieves for coarse and fine aggregates
  2. Air permeability apparatus
  3. Vicat needle apparatus
  4. Le Chatelier’s Apparatus
  5. Length comparator for alkali-aggregate reaction
  6. Compression testing machine
  7. Hot air oven
  8. Mortar mixer
  9. Pan mixer for concrete
  10. Autoclave for concrete specimen
  11. Aggregate crushing value Test
  12. Aggregate impact value apparatus
  13. Flow table test apparatus
  14.  Slump test apparatus
  15. Compacting factor test
  16. Vebe test apparatus
  17. Length Compactor
  18. Mortar vibrating apparatus
  19. Concrete vibrating table
  20. Pulveriser
  21. Standard Cube moulds and cylindrical moulds
  22.  Rock Triaxial test
  23. Rock cutter
  24. Schmidt Rebound Hammer
  25. Rebound hammer digital
  26. Ultrasonic pulse velocity tester
  27. Concrete Rheometer


IMG-20220420-WA0013                                                             IMG-20220420-WA0008                                                      IMG-20220420-WA0006

Permeability Test                                                                  Pulveriser                                                                        Vibrator

Computational Laboratory

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