Dr. Ambika Kuity

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Assistant Professor
Email: ambika@civil.nits.ac.in
Date of Joining: 15/07/2019
Academic/Industrial Experience: 2 years










  • Post Doc (IIT Bombay)
  • PhD (IIT Kanpur)
  • M.E. (Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur)
  • B.Tech. (Haldia Institute of Technology)






  • Asphalt mix characterization,
  • Microscopic study on asphalt mix,
  • Rheological characterization of asphalt binders,
  • Reclaimed asphalt pavement material characterization,
  • pavement safety characterization


Dr. Ambika Kuity completed her B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Haldia Institute of Technology. After that, she did M.E. from IIEST Shibpur in the specialization of Highway & Traffic Engineering and her thesis work was related to improvisation of strength property of subgrade layer by using laterite soil and prediction model by ANN. In her masters, she Received Silver medal for securing 1st position in M.E. among PG students of Civil Engineering department, IIEST Shibpur. Then she joined IIT Kanpur for pursuing PhD in the area of pavement engineering. She awarded PhD degree on 5th March, 2018. Her PhD dissertation topic was “Studies on the effect of distribution of aggregates on the mechanical response of asphalt mix”. During PhD work, she won 1st prize in Micrography contest (Diminuto’15) held at IIT Kanpur on March, 2015. Also, she was post-doctoral fellow at IIT Bombay and worked in advance pavement laboratory. Before that she acted as guest faculty at IIEST, Shibpur from Jan, 2018 to June, 2018. Also, she acted as reviewer for two international journals and two international conferences. She has 6 SCI journal papers and 8 conference papers from her PhD and Masters work. Her area of research interests is on asphalt mix characterization, microscopic study on asphalt mix, rheological characterization of asphalt binders, reclaimed asphalt pavement material characterization







Life member of Transportation Research Group of India (Membership number:20165 and valid upto 26th June, 2051 )


  • Received Silver medal for securing 1st position in M.E. among PG students of Civil Engineering department, BESU Shibpur (Currently IIEST Shibpur)
  • Won 1st prize in Micrography contest (Diminuto’15) held at IIT Kanpur on March, 2015


  • Acting as Faculty in charge of Transportation Engineering Laboratory of Civil Engineering Department, NIT Silchar (Nov’20-Nov’-22)
  • Acting as a member of DPMC for PhD students, NIT Silchar (Nov’20-Nov’-22)



  •  International Journal of Pavement Engineering
  • Journal of Advance Transportation system
  • Journal of Construction and Building material
  • Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
  • TPMDC 2020
  • 3rd Conference of Transportation Research Group of India
  • Reviewed abstract for 12th Transportation Planning and Implementation Methodologies for Developing Countries
  • Reviewed abstract for 2021 International Conference on Resource Sustainability – Sustainable Pavement Technologies



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  1. Roy, T., Kuity, A., and Roy, S.K.., Prediction of soaked CBR for subgrade layer by using Artificial Neutral Network model, Proceedings of International Symposium on Engineering under Uncertainty: Safety Assessment and Management (ISEUSAM-2012), Kolkata, India, 2012, pp. 1195-1206.
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  •  Modern trends in Transportation Engineering during  25th -29th June, 2020 in association with TEQIP III.
  • Sustainability in Transportation Engineering: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Opportunities (STEIEO) – 2022 during 21st  -25th  March, 2022 in association with Institution’s Innovation Council.


Vipin Pal (PI), Sudipta Chakraborty (Co-PI) and Ambika Kuity (Co-PI), ” Cradle of Happiness” sponsored by MSME, September 2021 (1.80 lakhs approved from PMAC decision GoI grant) .




Jan’2020-Present:Mr. Dhanunjaya Yeddu,

Jun’2021-Present: Md Naumanul Yaqueen



  1. Md Naumanul Yaqueen
  2. Avratanu Roy
  3. Sayantan Sasmal
  4. Priyank Bhardwaj
  5. Bishal Halder,
  6. Avishek Ghosh


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